Our Chrismon Tree

What is a Chrismon?  "Chrismon" is a combination of the words "Christ" and "monogram," and means "symbols of Christ." Chrismons are gold and white, representing majesty and purity. Ideas for fashioning them are developed from early Christian symbols, the Bible and church histories.

In a note a while back, Betty Bagshaw wrote the following:

Don and I spent our winters in Florida from 1986-2001.  While there I attended the Methodist Church in Sanford, FL.  At Christmas time they had a Chrismon tree in the church and it was beautiful.  The symbols on the tree were hand made by women of the church. 

When I mentioned that tree to someone back here in our church, it was decided that we should have a Chrismon tree of our own.  I ordered a book of instructions for making the Chrismons and several of us got together at Pat Linsner’s house to work on making them.  The church provided the tree. 

Each symbol helps us to remember that Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’s birthday.
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