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 September 2017

Pastor’s Report

It is out of the heart that evil thoughts come, as well as murder, adultery, sexual immorality, stealing, false testimony, and slander. These are the things that make a person unclean. But eating with unwashed hands doesn't make a person unclean." Matthew 15:19-20

What is in your heart? Sometimes I am surprised at what comes out of my mouth when I THINK I know what is in my heart. Sometimes what is in my heart surprises me. Either way reveals that God and I are not always in the same place. Sometimes my mouth engages before my heart and sometimes my heart is not in the right place.

There is something in our culture today that has somehow convinced people that we don’t need to consider our heart or our words. We can do whatever pleases us whenever it pleases us. It’s not working for me; I get tired and frustrated with the “me first” attitude and the lack of people’s ability to observe, comprehend and adjust to what is going on around them. I don’t think it is working well for our culture either. I see signs of cultural decay around us. I am concerned about our culture and how to help to change it.

A piece of that change must come from each of us. We must know our heart! We tend to be a head culture. We see it and we want it and, we don’t want to wait for it. The Holy Spirit doesn’t always give us what we want when we want it. That affects our heart and when we are forced to engage the things of the heart, we get uncomfortable and anxious. Are you questioning what I’m saying? When was the last time you were pleased waiting for test results to be discussed at your next Dr.’s appointment?

The first step is to know our heart; to know what we feel and why we feel it when we feel it. Then, we can compare what we are feeling to what we know of Jesus and the teachings of Christ. When we have those perspectives, we can choose if our response to the situation is appropriate or… if we need a heart change.

I know I have work to do in this area of my life. I would welcome others to journey beside me if you would like.


Pastor Brian


September Schedule

September 3 & 10 - single service at 9:30 am

September 17 & 24 - two services 9 & 11 am

All are welcome to participate in the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

Save the Dates


September 7 Choir Practice @ 7pm

Sept. 11 Red Cross Blood Drive 1-6 pm

September 16 Sew Sisters 9 am – 1pm

September 18 Women’s Bible Study @ 1pm

September 23 Storage room cleaning 9 am to noon

September 24 UMW meeting after 2nd service


District e-newsletter

The district e-newsletter has a wealth of information for all church members and anyone seeking to be engaged. If you would like to subscribe to this e-newsletter, please send your email address to:


Summer Lunch Program

Thank you!   Thank you!

Thank you to the congregation for all of your donations to help make this possible. We served 462 healthy lunches to children of our town. A special thank you to:

Linda Youngman & Granddaughter             Joanne DeHond

Jean Smith                                                          Laura DeCracker

Lois Briggs                                                          Barb Maslyn

Wendy Beman                                                   Pat Grodner

Sally Mueller                                                      The Ranger kids

Judy Zanin                                                           Shirley Reed


It would not have happened without all of you!   Sharon Ranger



Closet cleaning event on 9/23 from 9 am-noon to purge/organize the upstairs storage room so we can best minister to the needs of our students.

Name Tags

We are asking everyone to begin wearing a name tag. This is a great way to make others feel welcome. Thank you to Dennis King who printed the name tags. Name tags are available in the GRACE center each week. If you take yours home, please remember to bring it with you each week. If for any reason you need a name tag made, there is a clipboard near the name tags to write down your request and blank name tags to use temporarily. We believe that the name tags help all of us learn each other’s names whether a person is brand new like Pastor Brian Fellows or been coming for decades.



Monday, September 18, 2017, 1:PM, in the lounge.

Study will be: "Experiencing The Words Of Jesus" by Max Lucado.

Ladies wishing to take part in this study, please call Shirley Reed, 585-289-9887 or see me at church as Study-work books need to be ordered for this study. The book cost is about $12.00. Please bring your favorite Bible. 

Looking forward to getting back to our study group and welcome all newcomers.


Shirley Reed and Linda Youngman, Co-facilitators


                                        Shoe Boxes and Sheets for Red Bird Mission

Red Bird Missionary Conference is one of three missionary United Methodist conferences in the United States. It is the most comprehensive mission effort of the United Methodist Church, providing outreach and services that minister to the whole person (spiritual, physical, social and economic). Last year the local collections for Red Bird Mission filled two 26 foot trucks. Your generosity filled one truck with over 3,000 shoeboxes and the other with clothes, books, school and cleaning supplies.

Clifton Springs is collecting shoeboxes. Our goal is to collect completed boxes and box supplies through October 29. The Sunday School plans to pack materials not already in boxes on November 5. The boxes’ dedication is on November 12, 2017.

There are two different styles of shoe boxes: adult and children. All items should be put in clear plastic shoebox-sized container with lid (a limited number will be available at church.) Please do not wrap the boxes. Include in each box $1 in a separate envelope to help with shipping costs.

Items needed for the adult shoe boxes (please mark for a man or woman) include a comb/brush, shampoo, hand lotion, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, chap stick, full size bath soap, wash cloth, disposable razors, shaving cream, nail care supplies, mittens, scarf, hat, socks, and work gloves.

Items for the children's shoe boxes (please mark for a boy or girl) include 2-3 toy items, 2-3 school items, bar soap, children's toothbrush, children's toothpaste, shampoo, lotion, wash cloth, comb/brush, chap stick, mittens, hat, socks, and small flashlight.

Christian bookmarks, wrist bands, and other spiritual items are also appreciated.

There is a great need for twin sheets and blankets for children beds.



Acolyte and Communion Server Schedulers Needed

Volunteers, please call Melissa Lenhart at 315-521-9227. Thank you.

Prayer Shawl Ministry 

Knitters and crocheters are invited to make prayer shawls and lap robes. The items are given to loved ones and friends in need of comfort, shut-ins and nursing homes. We supply lap robes and shawls for the VA Hospital in Canandaigua. Approximate sizes: Lap robes: 36x42, Prayer Shawls: 26x60. Your own favorite pattern is welcomed!

We have some yarn available for anyone who is interested. See Marge McCumber or Shirley Reed for more information.

Anyone aware of persons needing a shawl or robe, please contact Marge at 315-462-3301 or Shirley at 585-289-9887.




CSUMC Food Ministry

Back to School and Back to Work

With the start of school this month, it’s back to work for our Food Ministries! Our Children’s Place (OCP) is welcoming 34 Head Start students in September. Our responsibility to provide a balanced, healthy backpack at least twice a month (last year packing almost 600 bags) returns.

We go back to a normal schedule for our Food Cupboard (Kids Pantry). We are open the 3rd Thursday of the month from 5:30 to 7:00 P.M. The September date is the 21st. We are also open for the Head Start parent orientation on Sept 15th. Hours approx. 11:00 to 1:00 on that day.

We could use some help with: individual juice boxes, single-serving apple sauce and dessert cups (Jello/pudding). If you can help, our donation box is located in the GRACE Center.

Some food ministry goals for this year:

  • If funding is available, expand our Backpack Program to include OCP’s Head Start program in Canandaigua. Total for both programs equals almost 1000 backpacks!
  • Work with the Spa apartment complex to help service their needs. This would include delivery of their needed food requirements.
  • Continued support and working with The Community Cupboard located at St. Felix. They serviced over 2000 needy people last year.
  • Recruit volunteers for our food ministries. Help is needed packing backpacks, receiving food deliveries, storing food, stocking shelves and food distribution (filling orders).

For more info contact:

Dan 315-521-3373

Sandy 315-521-2201


CSUMC Food Cupboard Hours are 5:30 to 7:00 pm on the following dates:

September 21                          October 19

November 16                          December 21

January 18                               February 15

March 15                                 April 19

May 17                                    June 21



The choir resumes rehearsals September 7th at 7:00pm in choir room down hallway near Our Children’s Place welcome desk. We welcome all who would like to sing and fellowship. We look forward to seeing you. From choir director Patricia and our organist Dale.


Prayer Works

Our prayer chain is the way we provide intercession for those who are in need. By praying, we humbly communicate, worship, and sincerely seek God’s face. He listens, He loves and He will respond, though not always as we desire. We are told to pray continually (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

To request prayers, e-mail requests to Ann Chatfield

To request prayer by phone, call Lynda Schwab at 315-548-0548.



From the Education Desk – September 2017

As I write, Vacation Bible School is in full swing. We are having a marvelous time celebrating how we are part of God’s creation. “WOW GOD!” (Shouted to the tops of our lungs!) It feels so great to get that OUT sometimes and I think we all need time to play and be a kid again to really enjoy all the great things God has in store for us throughout our lives, in all our life stages! I pray that you were able to celebrate with us and if not that you were praying for us through the power of the Holy Spirit! The staff, teachers, and helpers of all ages, as well as our new pastor Brian, were such a BLESSING that I cannot thank them all enough! As a busy mom, trying to transition her son into a new school system while he attends many camps required a lot hands on deck. Let me tell you God delivered!! WOW GOD!!! Thank you all so very, very much! Take a moment to tell everyone that they are APPRECIATED whether it’s for VBS or for anything else you may be thankful for, because it means a lot when we share it vocally and in writing! WOW GOD!!!!

This fall, Sunday School is in the planning stages, converging ideas to hopefully meet the needs of our students of all ages with a rotational teaching schedule based on the Christian Calendar. We are having a Sunday School registration event on Sunday 9/17 from 9:45-10:45 am with a hay ride, games, activities and food from Maker Fun Factory VBS as well as an “All-In” Ministry area where different CSUMC ministries are represented so we can know how and where each parishioner feels called to serve. Regular classes start on 9/24. The structure and teachers are as follows until just before Advent (11/12, Advent study starts 11/19, no Sun School 11/26): Cathie Chabrier and Sally Mueller are co-leading the adult group, the men’s group convenes in the conference room next to the lounge, Pastor Brian and Patti Hess co-lead the teen group (ages 12-18 in room 13), Sharon Ranger and an assistant co-lead the pre-teen group (ages 7-11 in room 12), and Eileen Welker and Jessica Charlette co-lead pre-school to early school age (ages 2-6 in room 11B). If any student feels the desire to change age groups (for any age, including adults), this is up for consideration. See Judy for individual needs. We are meeting on Sunday 11/5 after worship in room 13 to discuss the pageant, and the next sessions of Sunday School (Epiphany, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost). We are looking to flex teaching staff and incorporate new themes of study into each of these sessions. Please contact Judy if you feel called to a ministry in education. Also new this year ALL students, including adults, need to register for Sunday School. The link to the registration is already on our website and you can register at ANY time. If you are an adult under the “grade” portion, please skip to the “other” and then write “adult” in the line for your school grade. If you are a college student or graduate student please also notate this. The reason for this is that we need information in case of emergencies, and everyone has the possibility for an emergency situation even though we hope these don’t occur. Just like your school or employer needs emergency information, so does your church. If your information needs updating and you have registered previously no need to re-register. I will be contacting people individually to make sure we have accurate data on 9/17 and beyond. Come to the “closet cleaning event” on Sat 9/23 from 9-12! Let me know if you are interested in of purging/organizing so we can be best prepared to minister to our students!

Thank you all for your continued support as we keep striving to improve our educational programming for our Christian ministry! And thank you to all the “teammates” in VBS and Christian Education ministries! It’s always a pleasure to serve alongside you! --- Judy

                                                Library Notes


Browse through our books and other materials - the library is always open for your use.

Hero Award:Donna Strub, Sr. Medical Technologist, NWCH

We whole heartedly thank Donna Strub, senior medical technologist, Newark-Wayne Community Hospital Lab, for her diligence in stopping a near-miss event that could have negatively impacted a patient. Donna was quick to correct a mislabeled specimen. Donna took it even a step further by reviewing the event with her leadership and they made changes in a lab process. Thank you Donna for being our hero!

Donna was recognized by her employer Rochester Regional Health in their weekly newsletter.


Sew Sister News



The next Sew Sisters’ gathering is on Saturday, September 16 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. All women are welcome. As always, you are welcome to come and work on your own project or just come and enjoy some fellowship. RSVP by Thursday evening to Sharon.

Thanks, and hope to see you there! Sharon Ranger

Clifton Springs United Methodist Church

Our Core Beliefs:

  • God accepts us as we are but loves us too much to leave us there
  • God calls us to be culturally relevant while remaining Biblically true
  • Each person is a child of God; therefore, we must reach others with the Good News of God’s love
  • God equips each person to serve in some way
  • Personal Prayer & Bible study are fundamental to life in Christ

Does your daily life reflect these core beliefs?


Family Promise

Our congregation is an important part of this developing mission to help homeless families become sustainably independent. For more information, contact Sally Mueller at 315-462-6194 or for more details go to

WE are Family Promise.


Altar Flowers


A flower chart on the door between the sanctuary and GRACE Center, is available if you would like to donate flowers for a Sunday.


You can have altar flowers listed in the bulletin in honor/memory of someone. Purchase arrangements or bring flowers from your garden to have them on the altar that Sunday. Thank you.


BLOOD DRIVE in the GRACE Center on Monday, September 11 from 1-6 PM.

Register on-line at or call 1-800-733-2767 to make an appointment.We are looking for volunteers to sign in donors at the blood drive. Please contact the church secretary if you are willing to help out, even for a an hour or two. Thank you for your support !

Offering Envelopes

The new giving year started July 1. If you need envelopes, please let the secretary know.



Clifton Springs United Methodist Church

Our Mission

  • Provide worship that warms the heart and quickens the spirit
  • Welcoming all people with Christ-like hospitality
  • Assisting people in discovering their personal gifts for ministry
  • Encourage the life of faith by offering highest quality Christian Education and small group experiences
  • Becoming a launching pad for ministries that transform lives

How do you contribute to meeting these mission goals?


Medicine Bottles for Malawi

The Bible study women collect empty prescription bottles for Malawi. When you complete a prescription, wash your container in warm soapy water to remove the label and glue. Dry it and the cap. Bring it to church and place it in the bag marked “Malawi Mission Project” on the table by the mail slots in the GRACE Center. We do not want large plastic bottles in which vitamins or dietary supplements are packaged.

Pharmacies and hospitals in Malawi use the bottles to distribute medicine to patients. In doing this we recycle and help keep medicine safe and clean. For additional information please visit the website:


September Birthdays

Amanda Spence                Brenda Brickle                  Jason Wertz           Pat Roll           Jay Smith        Alina Taylor                      Jessie Kauder                    Carol Wertz           Allison Ranger     

Carol Wohlhueter              Austin Yates                      Dan King

Terron Schoonerman         Glenn Shultes                    Clarice Trautman

Jerry Zehr                          Kelly Zehr                         Nancy Busby        Linda Youngman        Jacqueline MacCammon     Jade Schoonerman

Lorrie Spence                    Darlene Romeiser              Lynda Schwab                  Doug Severson

Randy Thurston, Jr.          Laurie Coon                      Thomas Mueller                Emma Ranger

Ethan Shedenhelm             Matthew Mattoon              Don Romeiser                   Keith VanDuyne

Caroline Strub                   Collin Bowman                 Spencer Linsner                Nikki Delpriore

Abigail Spence                  Howard Hughson             Brenda Nudd                     Kaylin Thurston

Jane Hahn                         Cody Schmitt                    Debbie Herry                    Jim Snow

Jenny Levine                     Mark Goodman                 Lucille Ebel                       Katlyn Upchurch

Breeyn Bengtson


  September Anniversaries

Patrick & Jessica Spence                        James & Val Allen

Becky & Mark Goodman                       Nikki and Danny Delpriore

Ruth & Reinold Koster                          Jim & Maris Avery

Lynn & Lorrie Spence                          Jim & Cathy Snow

Carol & Ed Wertz                                 Jim & Kristin Conners


Have a Question? Here’s who to contact


Brain Fellows

Church Phone (315) 462-2274


            Lucy Schram

            (585) 289-4100



Christian Education and Youth Director

            Judy Zanin

            Cell (585) 451-1413



            Laura DeCracker

            Home 315-945-0799



            Roger Cullen

            (585) 398-1282



 John Mueller

            (315) 462-6194



Staff Parish Relations

Cathie Chabrier

Cell (315) 515-8155


Council on Ministries

            Ann Chatfield

            Home 331-7285

            Cell (315) 573-5367


Caring and Sharing

            Shirley Reed

            Cell (585) 289-9887


Sew Sisters

            Sharon Ranger

            Home (315) 462-9221


Worship Team

            Melissa Lenhart

            (315) 521-9227



            Sharon Ranger

            Home (315) 462-9221



            Patricia Smith

            Cell (585) 370-2877



            Cathie Chabrier

            Cell (315) 515-8155



            Steve Strub

            Home (315) 462-3683


Funeral Receptions

            Cherry McIntyre

            Cell (585) 526-5811



            Sharon Ranger

            Home (315) 462-9221


Hispanic Worship

            Rev Alfredo Resendiz

            Cell (585) 455-7728



            Dale Conway


Women’s Ministry

            Shirley Reed

            (585) 289-9887


Prayer Chain

            On line Ann Chatfield.



            Phone Lynda Schwab

            (315) 548-0548


            Jim Conners

            Home (315) 462-9237


Lay Leaders

Cathie Chabrier

Cell (315) 515-8155



Ann Chatfield

Home 331-7285

Cell (315) 573-5367


Roger Cullen

(585) 398-1282





September 2017 Worship

September 3

9:30 a.m.

Holy Communion

Theme: Marks of a true Christian, why God Chooses us

Exodus 3: 1-15

Romans 12: 9-21








September 10

9:30 a.m.

Theme: Love, Communication and Accountability

Romans 13: 8-14

Matthew 18: 15-20


September 17

Sunday School Kickoff

9:00 a.m.

Contemporary Communion

Theme: Forgiveness

Matthew 18: 21-35

11:00 a.m.

Traditional Theme: Accountability, Judgment and Forgiveness

(L) Matthew 18: 21-35

(P) Romans 14: 1-12



September 24

9:00 a.m.


Theme: How do you approach God?

Exodus 16:2-15

11:00 a.m.

Traditional Theme: Laborers for the Vineyard: Joyful or Whiner?

(L) Exodus 16: 2-15

(P) Matthew 20: 1-16



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